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Like many sellers, managing a business requires an immense amount of time and effort. Some of the problems Jacked Factory was facing included trying to navigate the best conflicting information on Amazon Marketing strategies. Too many automatic campaigns, keyword irrelevancy and stuffing, run away bids, poor campaign setup, and many more.

This is especially important when selling in the health/supplement niche as this is one of the most expensive product niches on the Amazon marketplace. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper marketing strategy to be competitive and scale up.

The Challenge

Here are a few of the main problems we found while performing our comprehensive free audit:

a. Multiple previous strategies/poor organization – There is no shortage of ideas and strategies floating around the internet. The truth is that there are limited solutions that are actually effective. Trying too many of these new strategies in a short time period can lead to poor organization which could cause things to get lost, duplicated keywords, and significant waste of time to manage everything properly.

b. Negative Keywords – We found that Jacked Factory had minimal negative keywords in most campaigns and some campaigns even had 0 negatives added. When working on an account, you never want to see a lack of Negative Keywords, especially when most of the campaigns on the account are Automatic. This can result in the automatic campaigns wasting a lot of money!

c. Irrelevant Keywords – Upon further investigating we found that there were a lot of keywords that were not relevant to the product in the campaign. We come across this quite often since many agencies will copy keyword lists and dump them into campaigns without filtering. Having numerous irrelevant keywords in the campaigns can lead to poor conversions; thus, resulting in Amazon penalizing the campaigns and reducing impressions. 5

d. Lack of Manual Campaigns – Lack of manual campaigns means a lack of control of budgets and bids.

e. Budgets too low – Resulting in expensive and irrelevant keywords getting spend  before well targeted relevant keywords.

The Solution

We formulated a growth strategy based on the Jacked Factory’s goals and proven methods have been thoroughly tested.

b. Negative Keywords need to be added periodically, it is very often we see  accounts that have little or zero negative keywords added. To solve this issue, we use our advanced software to ensure negative keywords are added and placed in the negative keyword lists for the respective campaigns and ad groups. 

c. Many agencies and automation software programs copy and paste keywords to try and gather data. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this case study, this can become extremely expensive and lead to poor conversions. As a complete hands on agency, we only add the most relevant keywords to account for the variables of each product and keep relevancy high. In this case we went through each client’s products and added relevant keywords to all of the applicable campaigns and ad groups. We do not copy thousands of keywords from a software program and dump them into campaigns, as this can cause Amazon to penalize the campaigns. 

d. Jacked Factory didn’t have manual campaigns for many products; therefore, we went through and made sure that all products had at least one manual campaign in the beginning. This allows us to have better control over the spend and start analyzing which keywords convert the best.

Measuring Success

After starting service with PPCStrike, Jacked Factory experienced a new level of sales performance increasing by over 182% in less than 8 months! As the sales boom continues, we are constantly adapting and improving the campaigns which has contributed to a massive drop in ACoS. The ACoS has already dropped by more than 24% and we are expecting a further decrease as we obtain more data and further optimize the campaigns.

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