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​​​How We're Different

Data-driven Techniques

Innovative software, tools, and extensive data sets allow us to optimize growth-focused Amazon PPC campaigns efficiently. PPCStrike works to maximize profits, maintain low ACoS and slash ad expenditure while still boosting conversions. 

Award-Winning Team

Our seasoned Amazon PPC experts boast years of experience developing efficient campaigns to improve sales and product awareness. Their relentless commitment to skill-building also keeps us at the forefront of Amazon PPC.

Happy Partners

The PPCStrike team works tirelessly to understand the needs of our partners and go to great lengths to ensure they remain happy with the services we provide. Our consistently effective campaign results are why our retail partners continue to rely on us.

Rapid Growth

A capable, reliable Amazon PPC management team ensures all customer growth requirements are met in record time. This leaves you time to focus on other important business tasks like listing creation and product development.

Complete Campaign Management

Leaving every campaign requirement to PPCStrike is easy. We're the Amazon PPC experts who create new campaigns or optimize and manage existing ones to help cut ad spend, maximize ROI and boost brand awareness.

Visual Results

PPCStrike believes in transparency and the sharing of all hard-earned results. We present monthly, in-depth reports to keep you informed and up-to-date on the progression and effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

The Answers To Your Questions
Informing our clients of every PPCStrike service is important to us. If you need some help, or more information send us a message or take a look below for answers to common questions. 

What is PPCStrike?

PPCStrike is a comprehensive Amazon pay-per-click management service. Our experts create, optimize, manage, and monitor Amazon PPC campaigns so our partners can focus on growing their businesses.

Can I benefit from PPC?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone can benefit from PPC campaigns, especially those who sell unique or highly competitive products. Our versatile fee structure works with a myriad of budgets to ensure our campaigns outperform competitors and achieve excellent conversion rates.

Why Should I use sponsored products?

Amazon drives targeted traffic to sponsored listings which encourages higher product rankings, getting your products in front of more buyers. Having more targeted traffic will ultimately increase sales and product awareness.

How does PPCStrike manage campaigns?

An account specialist will dedicate their time to set up your campaigns and optimize each newly created campaign each day to ensure it produces the desired result. Once a campaign has been optimized, your account specialist will continue to closely monitor, adjust, and analyze it to ensure it's performing optimally.

What is Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)?

Pay-per-click advertising allows you to target ideal customers who are searching for products similar to yours. It is used by Amazon sellers across the globe, as it provides a tremendous opportunity to increase sales, boost awareness, and maximize ROI.

What does the monthly subscription include?

Our monthly subscription provides unrestricted access to all PPCStrike services. Every campaign creation, optimization, and monitoring service is included as are detailed monthly reports and listing improvement recommendations.

​Your Investment For Expert PPC Management

*Prices may vary after account review. Pricing can differ per account depending on the amount of products, campaigns, product niche, and several other factors.

Our Onboarding Process

1. We have an initial call. In this call we would like to learn more about your business and goals.

2. Once we have the initial call, we will send you instructions on how to set user permissions and we will review your account.

3. After we review your account and discuss how we can improve your campaigns, we will send you an NDA and Consulting Agreement to sign.

4. Once your setup invoice is paid, we're all set to get started! 

Let’s Get Started

Let’s give your products the attention they need to succeed. From tailored campaign development to optimization, PPCStrike is here to share our unrivaled capabilities and market your products.